Pipe Couplings (A/Asia) Pty Ltd {PCA} was founded by its present owners and has been operating since 1972. The company, up until 1988 was mainly involved with the development and importing of pipes and fittings from Europe and South East Asia.

A list of these components includes in part:

  • Isolation joints and bushes;
  • High pressure valves for mainline and distribution systems;
  • Polyethylene Ball Valves;
  • Supporting brackets for gas meters;
  • Special unions from plastic pipe to metal fittings;
  • Mains stop cocks in both thermoplastic and metal;
  • A range of plastic welding and electro fusion machines;
  • PE Gas & Water Pipe

They have successfully supplied the fittings to Indian companies like IGL.

Website Link: www.pca.net.au

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